Investment Management

At Sky Alpha, our priority is understanding your family, lifestyle, financial goals, as well as risk tolerance. With a clear understanding of your investment objectives and guidelines, we will implement an asset allocation strategy tailored to meet your goals. Our next step is to carefully construct a well-diversified portfolio of securities that combines multiple asset classes and investment styles uniquely suited to your life and objectives.

Our portfolio managers draw upon our own independent research and analytical framework to hand-select the appropriate blend of traditional and alternative investments, such as individual equity and fixed-income securities, tax-efficient funds, alternative investments, and private equity. We also customize advanced options strategies to help reduce volatility and mitigate risk in your portfolio. What you won’t find at Sky Alpha are generic portfolios that rely on computer-generated models, expensive products, or passive portfolios that do not address individual client needs or adapt to varying market environments.

Each client’s investment portfolio will be individually crafted utilizing primarily a mix of stocks, bonds and ETFs based on that specific client’s unique preferences, objectives, circumstances, restrictions and in full consideration of other outside holdings.

Sky Alpha's investment philosophy revolves around the following themes:

  • Purposefully built, individualized portfolios
  • Opportunistic and tactical decision making
  • Independent research and portfolio management
  • Direct access and communication between the client and their portfolio manager

Sky Alpha cares deeply about what matters most to you and your family. As both your ally and your advocate, we provide thoughtful counsel and facilitate a comprehensive wealth management experience that includes tax and estate planning, philanthropy and generational wealth transfer.