Each client relationship is distinct and every portfolio is tailored to meet clients' needs and goals. We primarily implement our private in-house strategies but may also utilize  external funds and strategies to achieve a desired portfolio composition. We are able to leverage the vast global resources of our clearing firms in finding the most effective and efficient financial instruments in developing client portfolios. This is generally done through individual securities, exchange traded funds, mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity, real estate, and other alternative investment opportunities.

We also manage an options overlay strategy called “Alpha Through Volatility” which is designed to provide absolute returns independent of market direction and volatility.

The strategies we employ are dynamic and change with the market cycles as well as with client life events. Please click on the links below to learn more about our strategies and offerings.

Equity Models

We believe that equity investing should be tailored to each individuals specific needs, goals, and risk tolerance. It is important to analyze a clients overall portfolio to determine the proper allocation and style of equity investments. We have created equity models focused on different objectives which can be used as part of an overall investment portfolio. To learn more about each model click on the links below.

Alpha Through Volatility Options Strategy

Designed for investors seeking an alternative to traditional fixed income solutions while delivering daily liquidity, targeting attractive returns, low volatility and low sensitivity to interest rates and equities.

Fixed Income Portfolios

At Sky Alpha, we customize fixed income portfolios to suit each clients’ specific needs and objectives. Multiple types of risk exist in these markets, including but not limited to credit, duration, and reinvestment risk. We have an expertise in all aspects ranging from simple cash management to more sophisticated types of income investing. Investing in bonds after a decade of record low interest rates requires a tailored and cautious approach based on the risk tolerance and income needs of each investor.

After our initial consultation we can determine what your needs are and formulate a strategy to best achieve these goals. We can use one of our taxable or tax-free models as a core and then build around it in order to tailor it for optimal risk/reward. We can also implement both laddered and barbell approaches that can mitigate much of the risk associated with potentially higher interest rates in the future. Whether or not tax-free bonds make sense on a taxable equivalent basis varies depending on current tax brackets, as well as supply demand factors that affect the available rate on tax-free municipal bonds.